What Are Your Fingernails Telling You About Your Health?

The color, length, and condition of your nails can tell you more about your health than you think. They could determine how long you have had a certain illness, and several internal health problems.

So it is important to pay close and regularly look at them because they could be trying to tell you something. Heres what the condition of your nails can tell you about your overall health…

Nails covered with little pits?

If you have small tooth pick like indents in your fingernails it could be a sign of psoriasis. It is also a sign of some type of connective tissue disorder.

It may additionally be a sign of a weak immune system or a symptom of alopecia areata. And over time this disease can cause severe hair thinning, or even complete hair loss.

Do your nails look like little spoons?

When the edges of your nails curl up and are able to hold a small amount of water it’s a condition known as spoon nails.

People with spoon nails are most likely suffering from an iron deficiency, but it could also be a sign of heart disease, liver disease, and an unhealthy thyroid gland.

Cracked up.

If your are always brittle, cracking, and breaking, it could be because of improperly caring for them. This could be due to over use of acrylic nails, or unnecessarily rough manicures.

It is also a common sign of vitamin deficiencies and aging. Keeping your nails properly trimmed is a good way to treat this condition.

Strangely tinted.

Yellowing at the tips of the fingers is generally caused smoking or a fungal infection, but it could also be from use of overly dark nail polishes. However if your whole fingernail becomes yellow and begins to thicken you could have early symptoms of chronic bronchitis, and possibly other respiratory problems.

How big are your fingertips?

A condition known as nail clubbing occurs when your fingertips become swollen and covers the nail.

This most commonly is the cause of lung disease, or oxygen deprived blood. Other causes of this could be inflammatory bowel syndrome, liver disease, or AIDS.

Splinters in your nails.

If you ever experience splinter like hemorrhages or blood clots appear underneath your fingernail, here are the possible reasons.

These tiny lines running vertically up your could be due to a disorder involving various connective tissues. Additionally if you have experienced recent trauma it could also be the cause.

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